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2014 M.S. Walk

I don't post here very often anymore (I know, it's been years. Facebook has basically taken me over) but I am using all of my Social Media outlets to shill for donations to my walk page for the 2014 M.S. Walk.


I am doing the MS Walk because my boyfriend has Multiple Sclerosis and I have seen how the MS Society uses their funds to help search for a cure. People who live with M.S. live with a cornucopia of different weird varying symptoms, and the knowledge that they will ultimately get worse.

The research they are doing these days is focusing on reversing the damage caused by M.S., which is hopeful for people who currently suffer, as it means that they could actually get better. I want to support this, so I would like you to help by donating.

The MS Society uses ALL of the funds they get for research. I don't think I even get a tee shirt for this one.